What The Heck Is Perfection?

Gads, I am an impatient old broad.  Let’s start with Amazon.  Since writing my book “Meet Me Under The Eiffel Tower” I find that I have had nuttin’ but problems with Amazon on every level.  Who is running the show there, anyway?  At one time I had eleven five star reviews on Amazonlisted under the book.  Last week ten reviews showed;  now they have eight.  They have actually removed three of my five star reviews.  How frustrating is that?

This brings up a point.  How much imperfection is accepted in our daily lives?  Do you find yourself frustrated with people, events and organizations such as Amazon that you have no control over?  Well, I do!  Why, (as it has been suggested) , can’t I perfect my imperfect self more to accept others imperfections?  It feels like an oxymoron.  An interesting quote:

“A certain type of perfection can only be realized through a limitless accumulation of the imperfect.”

—  Haruki Murakami
So, is old Haruki suggesting that in doing business with Amazon and accumulating (and accepting) their endless mistakes, I am  perfect?.  Or that Amazon, in endlessly making mistakes, is attaining their own perfection?

I wonder what everyone else does to get through the daily imperfections in their lives other than rendering a prayer for patience to the Only Thing That Is Perfect or to pray for those who are more imperfect than I am…oh, did I just admit to being imperfect?!  Yikes.  I have to go back and change that.  It’s a typo, folks…just a typo (my computer is imperfect, too)!

I think I need a drink. . . it’s cocktail time somewhere in the world, isn’t it?

PS  If you have read and enjoyed the book go up on Amazon and put up a five star review.  Merci beaucoup.



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