Why Do I Travel?

From every angle Notre Dame in Paris is a photographer’s dream and pilgrims have been wending their way there for a thousand years.

Why Do I Travel So Much?  It all started long ago when I was nineteen years old.  I flew to New York’s Long Island to visit a boyfriend and his family.  I lived in Chicago with my parents at the time.  I knew little about…well, about everything, certainly little about the world.  In Chicago our house lined up neatly and compactly with everyone else’s homes.  But I experienced in Long Island a whole new rural culture where homes were not built one unto the other, but were spread out on generous acres of land and walkable to the ocean. I loved it, of course.   Chicago never looked the same to me after that.  I believe that is what triggered a life-long quest to find out how other people lived outside of Chicago.

I talk about what travel does for me in my book, “Meet Me Under The Eiffel Tower”.  In describing my experience in Paris I state:  “I wandered down those rues and boulevards like the twenty-one year old I once was, in awe of everything as I had been forty years earlier”.  Such words as “enthralled”, “gallivanted”, “balance” in my life,”Happiness”, “Joy” surface throughout the explanation of Paris.

But I could say that about other places if I am fully honest.  I remember my sister, Mary Kay, asking me before my departure to China “We (she and my other sister, Meg) wonder what there is to see in China.  We doubt you are going to have fun….”  Really!  China was one of my favorite vacations!  One of my fellow travelers there said she and her roommate had discussed me one evening in their room.  They marveled that I was always so “up”, so “excited” and “rearing to go”, so “positive”.  Was I this way at home, they asked.  Not usually, I had to admit.

Travel stimulates my brain, my endorphins, my whole sense of adventure and emotional balance.  I find it thrilling most of the time.  I see everything through the eyes of that curious twenty-one year old I once was.  Attitude is everything, though.  While all trips are not as exciting as Paris or China, if you expect to enjoy a travel destination you probably will.  And vice versa.  Let’s talk about some of our best and worst trips in an upcoming blog.

Whatever your destination is in life, enjoy the journey.


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