National Authors’ Day: November 3

I spent Saturday in a Authors’ seminar honoring National Authors’ Day.  It was a terrific head day and I am excited to see the new books now being offered out there in Readerville.

Who are your favorite authors?  Over the years, I have been a avid fan of James Michener, Charlotte Bronte, Elkhart Tolle and most recently, Lisa Lee.  What great hours I have spent delving into their characters, their philosophies, their every word.  Authors continue to excite, exasperate, motivate and inspire us.  With their stories, ideas, imagination, they scare the beans out of us, tickle us with their humor, hand us a hanky with their melodramas, always leaving us begging for more.

When my children were little I used to give them an apple for the teacher on the first day of school.  It was meant as a salute, (even a apology for maybe not paying as close attention in the school days ahead as they should), and a reminder that they were going to take a wonderful learning adventure with that person.  Even recently I suggested to my now adult son to bring in an apple for the teacher on the first day of college.  He turned me down flat but I bet the teacher would have loved it.

I won’t suggest you send your favorite author an apple.  But I will suggest that you encourage literature and new authors by doing one simple thing:  buy a book of a new author.  It might prove to be the apple of your eye!


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