Sex Gains Popularity for Over Fifty – November 8, 2012

A friend recently sent me a link to the Huffington Post on the topic of why there is so much good sex happening after fifty: .  They list reasons while sex is so popular in the second half of our lives .  Popular or not, some things never change.

Here is my list of  what’s really happening with us “older” lovers:

1. Time is of the  essence – War Lines:  Men used them on women when they went off to war.  They came in a variety of the same sentiment:  “I may never return”, “Show me you love me”, “You are the only woman I will ever love”.  Now, similarly they infer that we may never have this moment again: “I’ve been having chest pains and my left arm hurts so this may be the last time”, “you are the last love of my life” (where are all the others?).  The sentiment remains the same:  let’s not waste the moment;  we don’t know how many are left.

2.  I won’t get you pregnant:  I promise (just like the war lines!)  This time he couldn’t if he wanted to (thank God).

3.  Since Bob Dole made that special commercial that we used to think was embarrassing  we have all grown up about sexual “issues” (there are no problems only “issues”).  Bless you, Senator.  Thanks for setting us free.

4.  Diminishing Eyesight:  I agree with Huffington.  Nobody cares any more if you have stretch marks, low boobs or your balls hang between your knees.  We are just all eternally grateful if someone is with us trying to give us pleasure.

5.  Wisdom. You, by this time, know you had better call her the next day.  If not, there is another Hurricane Sandy coming your way.  That is called Wisdom.

6.  Again, Huffington has it right:  It is OK to call out the wrong name.  Hell, he can’t hear  well, anyway.



2 thoughts on “Sex Gains Popularity for Over Fifty – November 8, 2012

  1. rg92130 says:

    You left out an important reason: it’s sex! We now can enjoy it for its own sake. It keep us young, and if that’s all in our imagination, don’t tell us. Besides, we men finally know how to make it last longer than 40 seconds!

    • MeetMeUnderTheEiffel Tower says:

      There will be lots of talk about sex in future blogs, rest assured. But breasts, so long adored by the male species, are vastly over-rated in my opinion. They dictate an unhealthy need for women to have perfect (whatever that is) breasts or our value slides down the scale of worth. We women have a full body to be caressed and nurtured. News Flash: Sex does not just involve the three vital “points”! Now you, in your ultimate wisdom, may know that but my independent survey suggests most gentlemen don’t. Was Anna Nicole Smith more feminine than, say, Reese Witherspoon? I don’t think so.

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