Mistletoe Kisses – December 9, 2012


The longest chapter in my book, “Meet Me Under The Eiffel Tower” is on the importance of kissing.  I name certain men by what their kiss came to symbolize:  The Chicken-With-His-Head-Cut-Off, The Piranha, The Fish, The Drooler, The Kamee Kazee pilot. You get the idea. You can read about these crazy kissers in my book.

But, why is kissing so important?  Kissing is the one pure sign of affection that we receive from the moment of our birth when our mother kisses us on the forehead welcoming us to this world to the final kiss from our loved ones as they bid us adieu when we are passing away.  It is tender and full of love and depth.

In between those first and last kisses are a countless number of other kissers who enter our lives!  Still, there are a whole lot of people out there who need a brush-up course on how to kiss beneath the mistletoe. Maybe you should print this out for the next guy who grabs you like he owns you and lays one on you in a drunken, clumsy embrace. (Yuk!)  So here we go:  Grandma Tasha’s best etiquette advice for trying to make a mistletoe kiss all the more memorable:

–   Bring your own mistletoe. Don’t rely on someone else to have it available for you. Don’t share it.

–   Bring fresh mistletoe.  Plastic is so…so…phony.  That is no way to begin.

–   Don’t use it on loads of love interests.It cheapens the whole thing. Who wants to be one of the masses you plan to kiss that evening?

–   Wait for the right moment.  An entrance into a home/room is too hurried. Be patient and wait.

–   Don’t kiss her/him on the lips!  Nope, smile, look her in the eyes and kiss her very lightly on the check and then slowly cross to the other side and kiss that check. Linger. Less leaves her wanting more.

–    OR  Kiss her on the forehead (gently, just like you were welcoming her/him to your world). Whisper you look forward to kissing her elsewhere (!)

–    OR  Kiss her so lightly on the lips, she barely feels anything other than your spirit, the essence that surrounds her is truly you.

Now that is mistletoe being used properly.  🙂

P.S.  Be sure to gargle!


9 thoughts on “Mistletoe Kisses – December 9, 2012

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