My Ten Ways To Find Happiness January 27, 2013

Paris2 1187


I always feel happier when I

10.  Buy fresh flowers

9.  Eat Chocolate (You knew that was coming, didn’t you)

8.  Make a new friend (see above photo on Right)

7.  Try something new.   I certainly did in Paris!   I write in my book, “Meet Me Under The Eiffel Tower” about being a Motorcycle Princess as a friend  gets me ready for a cycling trip around “The City of Lights”.  It was certainly exhilarating!  (See above photo on Left)

6.  Take a walk in a forest or park

5.  Sip a glass of champagne

4. Cradle a child

3.  Listen to good music.  Since I like Motown to Opera, this is a mood thing.

2. Travel to a new place.

1.  Forgive.

Yeah, I suppose I could have made it risque and added sex but we will be talking all about sex throughout February.  Stay tuned.


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