Nurturing Brings Contentment … February 22, 2013

Je T'aime3

(The above photo, taken by me of a young couple in Paris, really is about nurturing more than anything racier. It is about gentleness and mutual caring. The both appear reciprocal in their embrace. The perfect scenario! This won a photo contest in my area in California.)

OK, the above photo does seem truly idealistic, doesn’t it? And certainly we all crave that type of love. Still, it is also sometimes forgotten that there are many ways to nurture and to love beyond the photo.

Women forever, really, have been doing multiple jobs: working, raising families (often as single parents), raising their hands to volunteer at school, church and community. They recognize the importance of giving to their world as no other. But in that commitment to give, they often forget themselves. In “Meet Me Under The Eiffel Tower” I often write of the importance of nourishing oneself, of filling up the bucket of the soul that often gets so forgotten.

Certainly, that can be scenarios of embracing, sex, kissing and touching. It can also include much more for those who elect not to have sexual relationships. When I started to hear more classical music, began to re-enter the theatres, the opera, the ballet my soul began healing itself. A contentment washed over me. In those moments, those precious moments of listening to the perfection of an aria, surely I was in the presence of something divine. I also found that beyond gourmet meals and fine wines(which, admittedly I have always loved), I can be just as nourished by walking or biking through a forest, by having a massage or a facial or just being in the beauty of the moment. Whatever touches your soul is defined by you.

If we women are to cradle the world in our arms, we, too, need to do that nurturing of mind, body, spirit for ourselves. As I said in my book “It is mandatory to thriving that we give in that same, dedicated way to ourselves as we have given to our world…it must happen regularly…It must happen if we are to live the rich, dimensional lives we were destined to live. Finally, it must happen if we are to regain and retain our balance.”

I quote Anne Morrow Lindberg in her “Gift From the Sea”: ‘If it is a woman’s function to give, she must be replenished, too.’


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