The Power of the Human Touch February 27, 2013


Let’s face it, nurturing comes in more formulas than kissing. Praise the Lord! When I write in my bookMeet Me Under The Eiffel Tower” about the importance of nurturing I discuss some of the ways to nurture oneself or another. Touching is tantamount to nurturing. So your lover doesn’t kiss well? (Welcome to the Club). But, perhaps, he can make up for it with slow, sensual touching. What a revolutionary idea!

The skin of the entire body, covered by more than four million sensory receptors, suggests that not touching the body is a huge waste! Shameful! The skin is the largest organ of the body, covered with nerves to give you each pleasure. Long after a man’s inability to have an erection or woman’s inability to have an orgasm has reared its ugly head, so to speak, two adults can nourish each other in so many ways that it appears elementary to even talk about it. But, if my independent survey is right, there are more missed opportunities than not (for touching).

Two, three kisses, an awkward grab of the breasts, and “Honey, Are you ready?” is not sensitive, loving or nourishing. My dear readers, I am strongly suggesting that you spend planned evenings just touching everything but the three strategic points of a woman’s body (and ladies, reciprocate the favor). One of the most “nourishing” times I had experienced with a friend in Paris was spent in just that way. Having listened to my lamentations on how men always jump on the opportunity to kiss breasts or regions there below, my friend promised to touch everywhere else. And he followed through with a delightful time just touching, very lightly with the tips of his fingers my entire body (except, of course, the three strategic points). I fell asleep calmer than I had been for months.

Touching does not have to be associated with the idea of sex. Surely, however, it is intimacy at a purposeful level. There are endless studies already completed that conclude that the power of touch is healthy. Miami’s Touch Research Institute (Yes, there really is a Touch Research Institute) confirms that the health of ailing babies was vastly improved (by touching) from those who had no one touching them on a regular basis. I have seen reports on animals who would choose being cuddled over food. Who hasn’t experienced holding the hand of an ailing friend, stroking the back of a colicky baby or realized by petting your dog how important she was in your life? It is in that acknowledgement of your relationship that touching becomes a very important element to all phases of being. It can not be underestimated.

But if we are talking here about nurturing, there is, of course, activities that we can enjoy beyond kissing, touching and/or having sex. You needn’t have a partner to experience them. I love forests; there is an energy emitted by the trees that submerges my spirit in peacefulness, even joy. I love opera and occasionally there is an aria that touches my soul. I still daydream like I did in my childhood when looking at beautiful cloud formations. I lounge in pleasure during a good massage or facial. They are all self-nurturing in its purest format.

We owe this nurturing to our mind, bodies and souls. It makes us better human beings, better ready to serve our world in a more positive fashion. We honor the value of our life by taking good care of all its elements: body, soul and mind.


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