Old Broads Helping Old Broads

Old Broads

Old Broads

OK, so I haven’t been up here on my blog since the lusty month of May (which has, happily, continued to this date!) but I have been busy elsewhere. As well as working daily on a huge glass mosaic, which I have designed and cut glass like I never imagined, I have been busy with Kiva. http://www.kiva.org is a well-run micro-loan program for a variety of impoverished people throughout the world. In the last two years I have made seventeen loans to women in third-world countries.

I recently became aware that Kiva offers Teams. So, it is with excitement that I invite you to join my team “Old Broads”. OB is comprised of women over fifty years of age who are willing to find a woman over fifty on Kiva listed in need of a loan to help improve the circumstances of her life. You are in charge. You determine what country and what woman you want to loan money to. You do it through “Old Broads” so that we can tract our progress.

We have so many blessings to be grateful for. Let’s take advantage of Kiva’s efforts to help the less fortunate. Join “Old Broads” via http://www.kiva.org . You will find us under Teams.

Look for my resuming this blog by the beginning of September. Promise!


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