“Vulnerability: Courage Unveiled”

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“Vulnerability: Courage unveiled” – Tasha Donahue

I might have started my first September blog “To Every Season” for with the beauty of summer follows the brilliance of autumn. Change, in its many formulas, does not always seem valuable to us, does it? People come and go out of our lives. We hold on to a changing image or begrudgingly let go. Because we cannot predict our future, change can be scary.

To allow ourselves to be vulnerable is an act of courage. We adjust to our lives be they what we ideally want or not. We know what summer is; why chance autumn? Why consider opening our hearts to what appears dangerous? We become complacent, willing to settle and convince ourselves that what we have now is not so bad (and it may not be). Why risk a change? We protect our broken hearts.

A few years ago my sister was being pursued by a gentleman who was met by the family at Christmas. Clearly, he was interested in her. Clearly, she had not made up her mind whether she wanted to be pursued. In her mind, I think, it was already headed for disaster; why start anything when there already had been so many disappointments and heartache? Aren’t we all guilty of fear at times throughout our lives? Surely, this writer has been. You just don’t want to bother with a new relationship if so many have not worked out in the past.

We encouraged him to keep pursuing. Our family heartily approved; heck, I volunteered if she didn’t work out! 🙂 Then we urged her to open up her life and chance it one more time. She had more to win than to loose. Slowly, (painstakingly) she began to trust again. She allowed her vulnerable inner spirit to dare accept his earnest attempts at friendship with the prospects of more. Recently, the two telephoned to tell me they were engaged to be married. WOW! What a payoff, I marveled. What a wonderful payoff for not allowing your (lack of) vulnerability to dominant where your life might or might not lead. Look out! Here comes the brilliance of autumn!

Another friend broke up with a girlfriend of mine recently. Whatever the cause, he was unwilling to discuss it. He squandered a great opportunity to live more fully. This was the first woman he had dated since the passing of his wife. It was all so risky, he seemed to believe, almost dangerous to allow another person to attempt to fill the void in his heart. It was over before she knew what hit her. What might their future have held had he just been more courageous?

Stepping forward in a new relationship, making changes in one’s life is always risky. Every moment of every day our bodies change and our hearts can become inflexible.Nothing like Faith, Hope and Love. What a lesson to learn in this changing thing we call life.

This begs the question: Who, What would you rather be a part of: the hot, dog days of summer or the brilliance of the changing autumn leaves?


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