Movie Reviews From An Unpaid, Unbiased Source….Moi!

From Here To Eternity

I have been a Movie Buff Extraordinaire most of my life. Movies take us out of our little humdrum lives and entertain, scare, titillate, and document history. We can laugh till we cry, reflect on ideas, art, characters and plots. There are intelligent movies and others that couldn’t be further from “intelligent”. The best move us to our core.

As a writer I have thought that my “two cents worth” might be worth at least that much. So I am reminding my readers/followers, that I offer free, unbiased source of Movie Reviews under (tada) Movie Reviews.

The following movies have already been reviewed for your scrutiny: A Good Day To Die Hard, Amour, Anna Karenia, Argo, A Royal Affair, Blue Jasmine, Fill The Void, Guilt Trip, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Les Miserables, Lincoln, Renoir, Safe Haven, Silver Linings Playbook, Kon Tiki, The Great Gatsby, The Hunt, The Life of Pi, The Company You Keep, The Patience Stone, The Quartet, Unfinished Song and Zero Dark Thirty.

From the sublime “A Royal Affair” to the ridiculous “Guilt Trip” we all have an opinion. So enjoy and please give me your feedback. It is always interesting to hear from my readers about what they liked or did not.

Don’t forget the popcorn. 🙂


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