New Book Project For Me….and For You?

Brian and Me Book Cover

Remember the first day of your child’s life? (Above Brian and Tasha) On the day our baby is born and we first hold him in our arms, we have experienced a depth of love that comes nowhere else. It is spiritual, an extension of something much more holy than we may realize. We, hypnotized by our infant wonder what he will be, who he will become. Our hearts are open, our hopes are high.

We women, we mothers, are multi-dimensional creatures who love with all our hearts. The strength that lies in our ability to love, commit and sacrifice is beyond measure. We encourage our children to take that first step and then worry about their safety. We urge our children to live an honorable existence but forgive them when they fail, then pick up the pieces and go forward one day at a time. From the time of conception, we pray that our children may be healthy and happy. When that doesn’t happen, our world spins like an uncontrollable tornado. Our hearts break.

Yes, you guessed it. My next writing project will be a book about my journey through motherhood. And what a journey it has been. In my book, “Meet Me Under The Eiffel Tower” I give my son, Brian, a cameo appearance towards the end. You can see, literally under the Eiffel Tower, our struggle with the affliction he suffers from: Epilepsy. I have begun writing our story entitled: “Brian and Me: My Journey Through Motherhood”.

But what there is more! You, too, may well have a story. And I am giving you a chance to tell it. I am collecting other women’s stories in a compilation of chapters written by other woman. Motherhood is rarely easy or what we thought it might be. It might be a greater experience. It might be even more struggling than my own. It might be something entirely different to you mothers out there in cyberspace. Whatever it is, tell it in one chapter and I may publish it in a companion book called “Our Journey Through Motherhood”. For more information on what I am looking for contact me at: or through this website.

Have a friend with an unusual story? Tell her about this. Writing is cathartic. It helps to put life in perspective. Join me in sharing motherhood stories and in helping other mothers on their path. Blessings.


2 thoughts on “New Book Project For Me….and For You?

    • MeetMeUnderTheEiffel Tower says:

      Motherhood is not, unfortunately, for all women. Many are coerced into it. Many are naive. Many are not ready. Many expect too much. But the woman is being as honest as she can. The truth is different for everyone. That is why I am inviting participation in my next book, “Our Journey Through Motherhood”. I am inviting women to write one chapter of their own story. For, certainly, every mother has a story to tell. Contact me for submission information. td

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