La Costa Film Festival Showcases New Films

Film Festival - Andy Gracia

I had the pleasure of attending The First Annual La Costa Film Festival last weekend. As you can see from the above I hooked myself a photo of Andy Garcia, some two feet away from me on the Red Carpet. Such fun!

This was an extravaganza of events: Opening Gala Evening, Gala Closing Evening, a panel discuss by pros in the film industry on short films, and a wide variety of films to chose from, most of them about to be released as well as the premiere of Garcia’s film, “At Middleton”.

I have just written up four movie reviews for your perusal. Three films received the same star rating: 1. “Just A Sigh” (Belgium/France/Ireland) with gorgeous Gabriel Byrne. Via la France! 2. “Decoding Annie Parker” with an outstanding performance by Samantha Morton and the premiere of “At Middleton“, a fun, entertaining romance/comedy staring Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia (above). All received well-earned 3 l/2 stars. I was surprised with the riveting, heart-wrenching story in “Broken Circle Breakdown” – (Belgium) ,which I originally didn’t want to see. WOW!

There are wonderful films available that are not made in Hollywood. Again, you can read a full review located on my home page under “Movie Reviews”. Check them out.


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