Through God’s Eyes: A Book Review



“Through God’s Eyes” – by Phil Bolsta

I stumbled across this book at a Publishers and Writers meeting in San Diego. I was struck with the title: “Through God’s Eyes” and a photo of the cosmos dramatically resembling an eye. WOW! I thought, what was inside? While I rarely review books, this is one I had to share with my readers, most especially as I recently spoke of better ways to handle your time and money at the holidays than avoiding a lazer gun on Black Friday or spoiling your children with too many gifts.

Bolsta began sixteen years ago with an idea: He wanted to create a guide book that had the potential to change people’s lives. I opened the book and read what appeared to be an infinite number of endorsements from well-known spiritual leaders, writers, authors, and even sports celebrities. This is a practical guide on how to evolve spiritually and apply that evolvement toward every day life. It can be transformulative.

Then I went to the Contents pages and looked at an impressive array of Chapter Titles:
Rethink Your World View
You are not Separate from God
Find Freedom Through Forgiveness
Transcend Your Suffering
Every Moment A Gift
Detached From Outcome
Your Choice Is Love or Fear

I was being reeled in now. I couldn’t wait to begin this huge, 538 page book. Actually, I wanted to devour it, but I decided as I read, that I really should only take this in small doses daily. It was perfect, for me, to read at the end of each day as I faced dreamland to think and reflect on what I had just read. But there are many ways one can read this book and all of them would be correct. I jumped around to my favorite topics. At the end of each chapter Bosta shares a personal story and then a page of self reflective questions for the reader to ponder.

For some, at first glance, this may seem a book of quotations. It is far more than that. Bolsta has a very definite spiritual path he glides us through. He will make a comment and then bring in a number of authorities (philosophers, poets, spiritualists and spiritual leaders) to back it up. These thoughts interconnect and weave throughout the book, and hence, a spiritual process begins. Every time I read from this book I feel better, calmer and more faithful that it keeps me on the right path. And I can see so many applications in the medical fields, psychiatric professions, counselors, hospices and to the Everyday Man with this masterpiece.

Bolsta may be quoting a lot of geniuses now, but it is only time till we start quoting Bolsta. Clearly, this is not just my opinion. This book won first place in June 2013 the San Diego Book Awards. There are, at the time of this writing, 36 reader reviews on Amazon; thirty-five are five star, one is four star.
Here is a holiday gift worth giving.

Bolsta has generously shared forty pages, Intro, Table Contents etc at:
Also available at: or

See information on his Crowdfunding Campaign to help Bolsta reach more people who will benefit from this book at:


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