New Year’s Eve Resolutions


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Some of the ideas for this blog came from my favorite preacher, Joel Osteen. He is the only preacher who uses good spiritual sense, common sense and philosophy to make his point. He airs on Sunday mornings and you’ll want to take notes if you watch him. Yesterday his sermon was called “Get Over It”.

So here we are, the last day of 2013. Beyond the all-time resolution of loosing ten pounds (which rarely seems to happen), maybe we should be considering other things that will better ourselves, our lives and the world. Below are some of my ideas intermingled with Joel’s:

10. Don’t be pitiful; be powerful.

9. Respect yourself; God wasn’t having a bad day when He created you.

8. Get rid of the chip on your shoulder; it makes you look twenty pounds heavier and ten years older.

7. Get over disappointments. Holding them close makes you and everyone around you miserable.

6. Stop blaming others. It is over, done, kaput. Get on with your life and learn from its harsh lessons.

5. Don’t feel shortchanged. You are given the ability to improve your life. Use it!

4. Stop thinking about you. Start thinking about others, how you can help them improve their lives.

3. Every day get up and say a prayer: “May my thoughts, my words and my actions reflect your Holy Name.”

2. Smile more; it is contagious.

1. Find at least one person every week who you do not know and do something nice for them. There are millions of opportunities out there.

And then, my dears, at least TRY to loose that ten pounds. 🙂

Blessings to you and your family and friends for finding greater peace in the new year.


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