I Am Back!

March 2010 039

I AM Back!

I am excited to launch my latest book, Towards the Sun!  It is an exciting military love story with an historical background.  I love historical novels and decided to research for a year all the facts in this book.  I traveled to both coasts where Navy SEALs tend to still live and interview them for this story.  I melted fictional characters with real life non-fiction action of the 1970s and what the military, political and world climates were at that time.  

When a young impressionable Kathleen Burke steps into the scene, life changes for the three Navy SEALs she meets.  For Kathleen, life becomes a joyful yet often terrifying ride.  She parallels an American shattered by controversy, tragedy and lost innocence.  You are probably going to be pulling for Kathleen.

Beside her are the SEALs stories of excitement, love and loss, well interwoven with real-life scenarios.  I am betting you will love to love and love to hate all the characters in their many imperfections.

Lying at the heart of this book are quintessence of love in its many formulas.  Towards the Sun is the story of how the human spirit can falter yet ultimately triumph over adversity.  It is the story of the importance of friendship, of living life at its most intense level and accepting the consequences.   Oh yes, it is written for both men and women.


Don’t forget my other books!

More Than Words Can Express – A Story of Love and Forgiveness   What love is more compelling than the love of a child by a mother?  This non fiction story has all the elements of heartache, fraternal estrangement, school bullying, a life 

I AM LOOKING FOR SOME WRITING MAMAS! Check that out under News Flash! Let me know what you think; we are still working on the kinks.



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