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Meet me under the eiffel tower


Meet Me Under The Eiffel Tower is Tasha Donahue’s frank, revealing and outrageously entertaining memoir about rediscovering herself in the madcap, anything-goes environment of Paris.

Her marriage was long over, her love life vapid, her grown children endlessly exasperating. Together, with a fallen economy, it was enough to make Mother Teresa depressed. But she is no Mother Teresa. Her frank encounters regarding sex, the craziness of dating at mid-life and the bold honesty with which she approaches her life will captivate the reader.

This is more than the author’s sexual memoirs told with wit and insight. It is about the importance of regaining balance in life, about embracing one’s multi-dimensionality and living a rich, full life. It introduces the benefits of nitric oxide and links pleasure with spirituality. Is there such a thing as too much fun?

The author resolves to start anew. By the time her adventures are over in Paris, she recaptures her femininity and finds her joie de vivre. Tasha fills her account with insight and humor. Behind it all is a poignant message for anyone confronting emptiness and depression or suffering from imbalance in their lives. With courage and determination it is possible to restore the vitality and pizzazz that seem missing. Why merely survive when you can do more? Meet Me Under The Eiffel Tower is one woman’s account of how she actually did it.



Posted January 29, 2013 by MeetMeUnderTheEiffel Tower

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