A Good Day To Die Hard ★★★

A Good Day To Die Hard


A Good Day to Die Hard 1 hr 37 minutes, John Moore, Director and Bruce Willis as John McClane (or is it John McClane as Bruce Willis: hard to tell the difference) and muscular, Jai Courtney as his estranged son and CIA agent, Jack. Still hard-nosed and wise-cracking, John McClane hurries to Moscow to come to the aid of his son, Jack, who is about to go on trial. Our Bruce looks in pretty good shape for a man of his years. So does his son, Jack. From the start of the movie at the Russian courtroom, the explosions and fireworks begin, leading Willis to miraculously hook up with his son and fellow prisoner in a wild car/tank/truck chase through the streets of Moscow. I wish I had a nickel for every vehicle destroyed in this lengthy scene. Some top stunt men pulled off a heck of a chase and Willis fans should love this movie. When the CIA abandons their agent, Jack, the senior McClane, uninvited and unwelcomed by his son, picks up the torch of the Great American Way: outsmarting the bad guys right into the bowels of Chernobyl. Willis is a one-dimensional actor who is smart enough to surround himself with never-ending, finely tuned stunts, guns and explosions so that you don’t notice that lack of facial expression or depth as an actor. In real life I am sure he does just fine with the gazillions these roles have provided him. But did you ever want to see Bruce grin a wide-opened smile from ear to ear? Does he have teeth? I have never seen them! Did you ever want to see him fall down and cry? It ain’t going to happen with this movie. Even though father and son learn to combine their talents and work together, even though they have their “moment” of reconciliation Willis and his character, John McClane, falters when it comes to expressing emotion. Predictable. The John McClane character needs to get in better touch with his inner feminine. In the interests of fairness, I found myself actually entertained with all this craziness of pace and good guys vs bad guys (of course, they are Russian). I am giving it two more stars than I expected I would.★★★


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