A Royal Affair ★★★★★

A Royal Affair


“A Royal Affair” 137 minutes Director: Nikolaj Arcel

18th century Denmark as a young, beautiful queen takes the Royal Physician, her husband’s best friend, to her heart and to her bed. And the consequence for that is history.

Beautiful Alicia Vikander plays the queen in a monstrous marriage with a mentally ill king. This film is the reason I love foreign films. In Hollywood, you will find the same dozen actors and actresses staring over and over again. In foreign films you get a huge variety of acting talents. And who is the world wouldn’t let Mikkel Folsgaard (playing the Court Physician) into her bed. He can warm his shoes under my bed any time. Now here is one hell of a sexy man. Hubba, hubba. And he plays his role to the hilt.

Beautiful cinematography, pacing is perfect and although it may no longer be playing at theaters it is well worth a Netflix rental. ★★★★★


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