After The Wedding ★★★ Plus

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★★★ Plus

“After The Wedding” 120 minutes Danish Drama released in US in 2007. Director: Susanne Bier, Cast: Mads Mikkelsen (Jacob Petersen), Rolf Lassgard (Jorgen Hansson), Sidse Babette Knudsen (Helen Hansson), Stine Fischer Christiansen (Anna Louise Hansson)

“After The Wedding” deals with complicated family relationships, duty, honor versus money, the fragility of life, the terrors of death and a love triangle. It makes the wedding look easy! A friend recommended this movie to me and I finally got around to renting it through Netflix.

The movie opens in Mumbai, India where Jacob (Mads Mikkelsen) runs an orphanage. He handles the children with love and devotion, having a particularly close relationship with an eight year-old boy, Pramod, who he has raised since birth. Fundraising becomes a chore so when a potential patron insists on meeting Jacob personally in Copenhagen, Jacob begrudgingly leaves his beloved orphanage for a meeting with this new benefactor,Jorgen Hansson (Rolf Lassgard). That is the premise of getting Jacob to Cooperhagen but the billionaire has plans beyond the orphanage. He dangles Jacob along and says he will make up his mind in days while inviting Jacob to his daughter’s wedding the next day.

Jorgen has much more than a wedding on his mind. At the wedding Jorgen’s wife reluctantly greets Jacob. They had had a love affair twenty years earlier (before she was married) and she had left him in India without telling him of the pregnancy. Angry at her for leaving him the plot begins to twist and turn with unexpected family complications.

Anyone who knows me or has read my reviews knows that I am mad over Mads Mikkelsen, the brooding lover in “The Royal Affair” or the innocent teacher accused of molesting a child in “The Hunt”. He is gorgeous and talented. What more could a girl want? Indeed,the whole cast does a creditable job in their individual roles. But it is the adopted father played brilliantly by Rolf Lassgard that will win you over in the end. Complicated and kind, loyal and scheming his character is the heart of the movie. He struggles to to come to terms with his terminal illness as his crushed spirit cries out that he doesn’t want his beloved wife to see him in such a vulnerable state. What acting it had to be for him to steal me away from Mads!

This was nominated in 2007 as Best Foreign Film and received numerous international awards for the acting and directing. Captivating!

★★★ Plus


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