Argo ★★★★★



“Argo” 2 hours Director Ben Affleck Story: In 1979 the American Embassy was overtaken by terrorists. Six escape. This is their story.

Many of us lived through this piece of history; it is still very familiar and still terrifying. For baby boomers this may well have been the first awakening of a world that was turning more radical. Normally, when I already know the story line – even if I find the film version interesting – I don’t find it exciting. This film is an exception. CIA agent, Tony Mendez (played by Ben Affleck) gets creative in his proposed rescue of six American hostages who sought refuge in the home of Canadian Ambassador in Tehran (after being declined by England and other “allies” of the U.S.). Mendez creates a faux Hollywood film production company that brings him to Tehran. The story becomes very personal and very real. Of course, for those of us who lived through this we had no idea just how nail-biting their escape was.

Afflect, as a Director, presented the details of this miraculous escape in a manner that left me shaking in my seat. The film is a very strong contender for Movie of the Year with Affleck deserving Best Director. Absolutely Thrilling. ★★★★★

(added note: The  Foreign Critics AND The Golden Globes Awards agreed as Afflect just was awarded both honors).


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