At Middleton ★★★ Plus

At Middleton

★★★ Plus

At Middleton Romantic Comedy 99 mins. Director: Adam Rodgers, Cast: Andy Garcia (George), Vera Farmiga (Edith), Tarssa Farmiga (Audry) and Spencer Lofranco (Conrad).

After attending the La Costa Film Festival and viewing some pretty heavy-weight movies, I was delighted to attend the Premiere of “At Middleton”. Two parents from different families drive to a college open house somewhere in the North East. As Edith steals George’s parking spot, they become instant enemies. When the walking tour progresses, Edith embarrasses her daughter and Spencer concludes he rather do the tour alone, leaving the parents to get into their own mischief. As their paths keep overlapping they drop pretenses and get to know each other in a more authentic way. Each seem to be at a crossroads in their lives as empty-nesters who no longer know themselves or their spouses back home.

Comedic timing by the writers and actors is solid. It is a light-hearted, fun adventure that Edith and George take us on. If you don’t look too closely you will love the film. George, the geeky cardiac surgeon sheds his uptight demeanor much too easily. Edith is a bit too spicy to be interested in such a geek. Yet, somehow, the two leading pros make it work. They are charming in their delivery and I thought that on-screen kiss was fabulous but very much not related to what a geek surgeon would give (I used to be married to a surgeon; they are called geeks for a reason). Still, I loved the kiss and you will, too.

Their children do creditable jobs as they try to break the bonds and make their own choices for college. Handsome, young Spencer Lofranco who plays George’s son, Conrad, looks to be another upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio. I’ll be watching his career as it evolves.

A thoroughly enjoyable film. ★★★ Plus


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