Gravity ★★★



Gravity    1 hr 30 minutes     Director:  Alfanso Cuaron, Cinematographer:  Emmanual Lubezki, Visual Effects, Tim Webber      Cast:  Sandra Bullock, George Clooney Science Fiction Thriller/Drama.

As two surviving astronauts fight to survive the perils of outer space, the viewers are taken on a fantasy of visual effects.  We entered a new era of visual effects with “Avatar”, continued on with even better effects in “Life of Pi” to this movie.  If there is one strength in “Gravity”, it is in its visual effects and views of mother earth.  I did not see it in 3D, but I can see how exploding space stations and even the delicacy of shedding a tear in space adds to the experience.  Still, the plot is weak.  Dialogue is predictable. I feel like I have seen this before.

Clooney basically plays himself, a maverick. Is this art imitating life?  Bullock plays a serious doctor who doesn’t fancy herself as anything more.  To add humanity to her character we learn of her four-year old daughter’s tragedy. It is supposed to humanize her.  It does make you better understand how she begins to drift from the survival mode… I just can’t get into her character except for the final moments of the film when Bullock shows her true acting colors, thank God! Mostly, she delivers a benign, understated performance of a doctor out of her element.  Her character must decide if she should fight to return from the explosive dangers of space to the dangers of life on earth.

It is the same old Hollywood-type movie.  When Bullock pulls off her astronaut costume  she is scantily clothed in tight short shorts  and a body-fitting tank top.  Really?  Is this how our astronauts dress?  I don’t think so. Hollywood rears its ugly head again.

My hats off to Lubezki and Webber for exciting visual effects. It did help to pass the hour and half experience.  But without the weight of a Bullock and Clooney would “Gravity” have sold to the public?  I don’t think so.  Still, it will probably be a blockbuster.  ★★★


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