Guilt Trip ★★

Guilt Trip


“Guilt Trip” – 135 minutes, Director: Anne Fletcher – When son, Andy Brewster (played by Seth Rogen) feels sorry for his mom, Joyce (Barbra Streisand) he invites her on a 3,000 mile road trip while he presents a new ecologically superior cleaner to prospective clients.

Predictable. My 31 year-old son thought it was hilarious (the young rascal) and I might have enjoyed it more through his eyes had we journeyed to the theater together. Apparently, I am Joyce to him and yes, I could see some of that myself. But with Joyce’s aggravating antics I found myself wanting to shake her silly and stop her myself. I don’t know how actors get their roles but the son might have been played better with another actor. Unfortunately, Hollywood tends to go with well-known actors who will attract the masses.

It is all a typical, very light Hollywood film that has some laughs but might have been stronger. Just too predictable. As a mom I felt the ending touched my heart more than most of the film did. Yes, often, our sons are, indeed, “the love of our lives.” Now my son calls me “Barbra” whenever I “mom” him too much. We, like Joyce and Andy, are a work in progress. ★★


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