Kon Tiki ★★★



Kon Tiki 101-minute Action/Adventure Directors: Espen Sandberg, Joachim Ronning Pal Sverre Hagen (Thor Heyerdahl), Anders Baasmo Christiansen The real-life documentary of the 1947 sea expedition from Peru to Polynesia

As his Thesis is rejected by publishers, Thor Heyerdahl sets out to prove it correct: that it is possible for the Incas (not Asians) to have populated the Polynesian islands. In doing so, Thor insists that all materials and provisions be dated back to what was available by the ancient Incas. Assembling a small, rag tag band of five amateur men, off, they depart to vindicate his theory.

At times, the tale is absolutely fascinating with huge jelly fish lighting up the night sky and raft, or a tiger shark the size of a whale, making his way directly under the raft. Beautiful stars and sunsets remind me a bit of “The Life of Pi.” When his crew begins to doubt his theory and threaten to mutiny, Thor remains steadfast in his goal and throws overboard any modern support that might help them survive. Beyond that, the movie slowly unfolds. Men grow beards and frustrations. Danger lurks everywhere. Another testament to human endurance and faith. ★★★


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