Lincoln ★★★



“Lincoln” 2 hrs 30 minutes – Director/Producer Steven Spielberg 149 minutes long. Story was about Abraham Lincoln’s final months in office as the War raged on and slavery abolished.

I have always been a fan of Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field. I also enjoy “period” films and welcome slow-moving films without the Bruce Willis blow-em up dynamics so prevalent in Hollywood. I love history. So it was a surprise to me that I absolutely didn’t love this film. When I see/read biographical films/books I want to know something new about the subject. I found very little revelations on Lincoln, his family, his personal or political life. I would have liked it more had that been prevalent. Yes, it was interesting to see a gentler nation where the President and his wife could take an open-air buggy and promenade around the capital sans Protective Service bodyguards who did not exist at that time. Yes, it was touching that the troops could converse with their Commander in Chief right before going out to battle. But I didn’t get that buzz that I expected nor did I walk away feeling either of the principal actors deserved a nomination for an extraordinary performance. ★★★


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