Safe Haven ★★

Safe Haven


“Safe Haven l hr 55 minutes, directed by Lasse Hallstrom Predictable love story with two beautiful actors, Josh Duhamel as a young widower, Alex, with two children (from NBCs Las Vegas) and Julianne Hough as Katie (originally a dancer on Dancing With the Stars), who is escaping from her abusive husband/cop.

Chick Flick unless you have a highly evolved man on your side. Very Hollywood Light. I have seen this story endlessly told every few years. Girl is trying to escape abusive husband (this time played by Australian, David Lyons) to find true love elsewhere, this time with widower and two kids. Julie Roberts played a similar role years ago. I would say the acting in this movie is acceptable although not commendable, but then I would have to pose the question is acting that is NOT commendable, acceptable? The demonic-looking abusive husband looks crazier with every new scene in the movie. Are we ever going to case an abusive husband who is charming and good looking, which would provide a foil to the reality of the bad-guy character? Predictable!

This movie reminds me of scenes from “The Notebook”, 2004. The canoe scene where our hero, Alex, takes Katie out to see his favorite, private place on the water is just exactly like the scene from “The Notebook”. Then, of course, it has to rain, drenching our beautiful people and eventually the kiss comes to resolution. Have I said this before?: Pre…dict…able. I had expected more from a talent director like Lasse Hallstrom.

There is a moment at the very end of the movie that I did not see coming. Finally, something unpredictable! I won’t ruin it for you by telling you what it is. Barely Three stars.★★


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