The Company You Keep ★★★

The Company You Keep


The Company You Keep – 2 hrs 5 mins. Director: Robert Redford Cast: Shia La Beouf, Julie Christie, Sam Elliott, Jackie Evancho

Jim Grant (Robert Redford) is a lawyer and single father raising his daughter (played by talented young opera singer, Jackie Evancho) in Albany New York. A young, ambitious reporter follows a hunch and begins to reveal Grant’s identity and alleged involvement in a l970s antiwar protest as a fugitive wanted for murder. After more than thirty years, Grant is on the run. And so is the reporter, tracking him down and looking to make a big name for himself.

Acting is OK, story line predictable. Nothing special about this as Director Redford uses the star attraction with his name. I never thought Redford was a multi-dimensional actor, but in his youth he made up for it with his good looks. Those looks are no longer there and he might have done better to sign someone else for the role of Jim Grant. Appearances by Julie Christie, who added a certain feistyness to her character and an aging Nick Nolte reminded us of the way it was. This movie doesn’t work for me. Not terrible, but, I suppose, a way for some to see yet another Redford film. Three stars. ★★★


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