The Great Gatsby ★★



The Great Gatsby – 2 hrs 23 minutes Director Baz Luhrmann, Leonardo Di Caprio as Gatsby, Tobey Maguire as narrator, Nick Carraway, Carey Mulligan as Daisy and Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan

A story of young love, of the climb to fortune by an impoverished young man from the Midwest all to wine his only love, Daisy. Takes place in 1922 onLong Island where the newly wealthy and old money collide.

From the start I didn’t like the movie. The enormous graphic exaggerations by director, Baz Luhrmann, from the make up, to the horror of what appears a war-torn city of New York, it was all garrish. Luhrmann’s style, much like “Moulin Rouge” (one of the few movies I left prior to the end) is aggravating and distracting from characters themselves. I consider Di Caprio a talented actor who is evolving into his own version of Clark Gable; have you seen him in “Blood Diamond”? In fact, the cast were all talented? Why then didn’t I like the movie from beginning to end?

It was a bombastic portrayal of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Buhrmann did a digital recreation of New York perhaps, because it was easier to do from Australia than move his crew to NYC. I was grateful I did not see the 3D version as this jumped out of the screen in a garish way pulling the audience away from the acting and plot. The modern version of music with Jay Z and Beyounce didn’t fit retro classic. The extravagance of the parties and people were nauseating. The down-trodden, irritating. Very sterotyped.

Some of the women’s costuming were gorgeous, however, and Catherine Martin constantly presented clothing riveling Ert and Art Deco of that era. That I enjoyed. Some of the acting I enjoyed. The story might have been more effective without the narration of the character of Nick Carraway, which kept me from getting into the movie. It was as irritating as the movie “Anna Karenina”.

When Nick talks about this man, Gatsby, he admired so much for an engaging smile, a mysterious demeanor and possessing all the hope he ever found in one man, I wanted to vomit. The only hope I found was that after two and half hours (it seemed like five) it ended. Two stars is charitable. ★★


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