Book Reviews


“...[The author’s] honesty is refreshing and her experiences keep you turning the pages. This is a book to lay back and savor, since once started it is hard to put down…” Judith Habert, San Diego Woman Magazine

“Meet Me Under the Eiffel Tower”  is a humorous and heart-warming account of a woman’s discovery of the “joie de vivre” in all of Paris, including its food, museums and men. Finding balance plays a key element in her thriving and maintaining high levels of nitric oxide, the pleasure molecule for which all women are searching. Tasha Donahue has taken her own experiences and shared intimate details – including an entire chapter on Kissing – and brought us to the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris to encourage all of us to live life to its fullest, with vitality and passion! ” -Dr. Diana Hoppe, M.D., Author of Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You: What Your Libido Reveals About Your Life and “Am I Normal : A Woman’s Guide to Female Sexuality”.

“Meet Me Under The Eiffel Tower” is a well written snapshot of time in the life of a divorced woman looking to regain her balance in life. It is a great reading escape to be paired with a glass of fine wine and a fireplace!” Vince Meehan, Editor,  Mission Valley News

“Good reading for men.  As a man, I found myself gaining a deeper understanding (if this is possible) of the female sexual psyche. Any adult male in a relationship with an adult female should be able to improve his quality-of-life with the knowledge gained from “Meet Me Under the Eiffel Tower.”   — Mike Bosworth, New York Times Best Selling Author, CEO/Founder of Bosworth Enterprises, Cofounder of Story Leaders, Weconcile

What Others Are Saying About This Book:

“The book was funny, sexy, true and enlightening!”

“The author was so full of life and energy that I was uplifted by her story.  Good to know that life can be an adventure at any age.”

“I loved the book, loved the easy flow, the openness..the author..must be one hell of a person.”

“Fun Read”   “Enjoyable”

“…parts of the book are remarkably open and that gives it a… innocent matter-of-factness that makes it all the more believable.”

“has relevance for both men and women alike.”



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