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Dinner Cruise - MK and Tasha - Copy

Tasha Donahue

Tasha Donahue has been publishing all her life as a Food Editor, travel writer and syndicated columnist on family issues. She hosted and produced a seven-part television series on food, wine and lifestyles. Donahue has traveled the world-over but her passion remains writing. She admits to having lived an eclectic life ranging from missionary work to taking on a young lover in Paris. She is a cheerleader for women over fifty. Her book reflects her humor, insight and wisdom learned along the path of life.

The author has been to Paris nine times, twice in professional culinary schools. Her last trip was for six months. It was this trip that led to her newly published book, “Meet Me Under The Eiffel Tower”.


Posted January 29, 2013 by MeetMeUnderTheEiffel Tower

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  2. Hi Natasha. Your life story sounds very interresting to me. I went to Paris recently to visit two of my work collegues from South africa. Im Rhett by the way. 67of age. Too old for but just making friends. At present living in Frankfurt on Main. I see that you are a author of quite a few novels. You sound to me very balanced person,especially when it comes to spiritual things. Yeah lot of people lack a real sense of reality. I have been walking with God since I was 22 years old. What can I say at first glance, hope God adds somebody in your life this year,or are you involved. Bless you much today. Maybe well meet under the Eiffel tower one day lol. Blessings to you Rhett

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